Territory seabed mining moratorium.» The BBC reported that at least 2,000 w호 게임orkers were affected by the moratorium, with the loss of nearly 50 per cent of the company’s workforce.

The workers were all affected by the spill and they had to be airlifted by air ambulance to a hospital near Yokohama, n속초출장샵orthern Japan.

The workers were all treated and released in a short time.

A statement released by the company read: «Following discussions between all concerned parties, we have come to a mutually acceptable agreement on the management of the accident.

«We also apologize to the workers and their families for the tragic events of the past few days.»

The company said it was conducting further investigation into how the oil in the seabed escaped.

The accident took place in August 2013 on the island of Jokuryu in the Shima-Shima-Hakusho-Tsujirou area of Shiga prefecture.

In August 2012, the same accident was reported to authorities when a pipeline operated by Tokai, which was the owner of the plant, 마사지 후기came under water after a leak.

A total of 1,788 people were killed in the Exxon Valdez disaster, with a maximum number of people affected to be 3,094.