Police search for window smashing vandalised Mercedes on Arundel Street

Police have launched a major manhunt after a window smashing vandal scrawled with anti-Islam graffiti has been found on a Mercedes.

The graffiti was sprayed over the left door of the Mercedes and the driver of the vehicle was arrested at around 4am last night by a police officer, Scotland Yard said.

A man has been arrested over the window smashing vandalism on an M-Class Merc강원출장샵edes. Picture: PA

Officers were called to the scene at Westwood Road, Belgravia around 3am yesterday, where they were met with the discovery of the window-smashing graffiti.

A spokesman said: ‘On August 29 around 4am a male and female were walking past a car park and a number of people were inside when the door of the car door was smashed.

‘The perpetrators continued to vandalise the car until the male and female were forced to move their vehicle away from the scene.

‘This incident followed numerous incidents in the area where people were attacked in the public and private spaces, and officers were called to investigate these attacks on public transport including a number of vans a속초안마nd taxis.

‘At the time of the incident the police were not aware of a similar incident occurring in a nearby area.’

The Mercedes and a black Mercedes SUV were both parked outside the scene and officers arrested the driver of the Mercedes as he walked away.

At one point during a police interview, the man said he had been ‘taken to hospital’ after breaking his nose.

The officer who wasm카지노 arrested described it as a ‘huge disappointment’, but insisted: ‘He will be taken to hospital as a precaution against any further risks that may arise.

‘We hope he will be released shortly.’ The man who was arrested has not been named.

The window-smashing vandal, who is thought to be in his 20s or 30s, was detained for questioning.

The window has since been left in its place by police, as security and officers take stock of CCTV footage.