Pedestrian hit, no charges

An elderly couple was killed in South Bend early Saturday morning when an SUV smashed into the sidewalk and rolled onto its roof.

Cleveland State University police were called to reports that a group of drivers w우리카지노ere heading south on South Park Avenue in the 2400 block of North State Road in the early morning hours of August 2, 2015.

When police arrived they saw a SUV travelling westbound on the curb of the sidewalk. An SUV with four men inside was sitting on the sidewalk at the edge of the road. The victims and one of the passengers ran from the vehicle, while the other passenger walked to the sidewalk, pulled out a handgun and shot one of the victims three times. The other victim was critically wounded and was taken to a hospital. The driver of the SUV fled the scene. The vehicle left the scene and struck the curb at the edge of the sidewalk again about 50 minutes later. No charges have been filed in this incident.

An argument, no charges

A shooting on the 4000 block of East Second Street in south central Chicago about 4:30 a.m. Sunday afternoon led to a traffic-stop and shooting that left a man dead and another injured. Police say officers were dispatched to a shooting on East Second Street in the 4800 block of South Jackson Avenue. The responding officers located two victims with gunshot wounds; the deceased victim was driving an SUV. The wounded man also suffered a gunshot wound to the upper body. The shooting was called off. No arrests have been made.

Shooting in the 3000 block of South Broadway in southwest St. Charles around 12:50 p.m. this morning, no charges were filed, according to police. 더킹카지노An officer responded to the call after a resident called police stating a possible assault. The responding officer saw an individual with an AK-47 assault rifle near the crime scene and determined the individual may be involved in a robbery. However, police are still searching for the suspect with the rifle and suspect vehicle. No arrests have been made.

A shooting in the 6500 block of East 16th Street in downtown St. Charles about 11 a.m. this morning, no charges were filed, according to police. A male was shot in the leg near his residence on East Second Street in south central St. Charles. No arrests have우리카지노 been made.

No information available

Police responding to a disturbance call on North South street near East 11th Street around 6 p.m. this morning said one man was shot i