Pair charged over chemist robberies

Shanno천안출장샵 천안출장안마n Taylor was a chemist working at a house in Staunton Beach, Va., when she heard a car coming to공주출장안마 공주출장마사지ward her from the opposite direction.

Taylor, 48, said her car was hit and her car started rolling when the driver opened his door in frustration.

«My first thought was this is a robbery,» Taylor said.

She and her husband tried to jump out their window but instead wer여수출장마사지e knocked to the ground by the front-to-back wheels of the car.

She said she was thrown against a wall and her car hit the ground.

The couple was both badly injured and suffered broken ribs and a broken collarbone.

They did not hear anything else until police arrived, she said.

After she was taken to the hospital, Taylor’s car was towed, and she is working at her job to support her daughter in her mother’s absence.

Taylor said the experience was «very frightening» but she’s glad she’s out of the hospital.

«It’s been an experience I will never forget,» Taylor said. «To be back here in Richmond, I would be out the road doing my thing — I would just like to go home.»

The incident, which occurred in the parking lot of the home, was caught on tape.

Taylor said in a message to The Huffington Post that she was also approached by two other women who said they got into an altercation with her boyfriend at around 9 a.m.