Little hope for baby whale rescue in Australia: scientists

«We think if they were to get out at night or if they got into water at night, they would likely drown.»

Australian marine scientists, with the support of local fishermen, are working to find them.

Image caption The pod of two humpback whales is among three orphaned or orphaned animal orphanages on Queensland’s Southern Ocean coast

Dr James Wilson from the University of New South Wales and his team have been following the marine mammals for four years in preparation for the arrival of three orphaned whale calves from a remote area off the coast of the Northern Territory.

The young whales, the only three ever to be born from humpback calfi더킹카지노ng, were found in the waters off the Northern Territory town of Mudgee by divers.

«The whale had been abandoned in the water and the divers were looking for it, they spotted the pod, which were orphaned humpback whales,»카지노 사이트 Dr Wilson said.

«At the time these animals were found, the northern populations of whale were being hit so hard because of overfishing.»

The pod was captured in shallow water on Wednesday. It would be two weeks before they were spotted by divers and released in the area.

Dr Wilson has a hunch they were caught by the locals for food, but the team is continuing to follow their progress as they recover.

Image caption A pod of orphaned or orphaned animal orphanages on the Southern Ocean Coast is a great help for animal rehabilitation

Scientists are hopeful that the orphaned or orphaned animals will be returned soon.

They said they were «very confident» that the pod would survive and that the researchers were well aware of the plight of the whales.

«They’re just not getting the help they’re need from local people or government or the marine industry,»우리카지노 said Dr Wilson.

«That’s really a shame, because once we see these whales go on to survive they can then be a great benefit to that area, helping that population to flourish.»