Facial recognition scheme could be abused law council members say, but it’s unclear if he’s really prepared to deal with that possibility.

According to the Times of India, Dibangiri, a former Indian Army officer, wants to introduce a digital technology to identify the faces of his constituents, a process he hopes will protect them from identity fraud, which is one of the main hurdles to bringing home migrants. His digital identity system is a database on which he tracks the face of every citizen in his district.

His plan faces several hurdles, including legal obstacles, which include the possibility of a트럼프 카지노 government ban. In India, police can take the legal route to protect citizens from identity fraud and still carry out routine searches. In 2014, the Supreme Court had struck down the use of온라인 바둑이 the name database in a case where a Delhi police offic구리안마er had been accused of fake identification.

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That said, the issue is likely to make a comeback in future if Dibangiri’s bill comes to pass. In 2011, the government passed a law to ensure that a citizen with digital identity could be kept safe from identity fraud, but this was only used to protect citizens who provided false identity information, which is already a crime in many European countries. However, in countries like the US, the law is more restrictive. So there are questions over whether the law will protect Dibangiri’s bill as well.

Dibangiri is quick to point out that his bill will do much more than thwart identity fraud, since it will also keep the people behind it out of office. «We will keep people out of government because they will always act to protect their interests.» he claims. «Even if a politician says they will never act to help the country in any way, you will always find something about them that you want to protect. Dibangiri wants a change in politics so the politicians won’t have to pretend about something like identity.»

Photo credit: Gaurav Bairikadu, Flickr