Disaster victims still awaiting rebuilding funds.

«They are still waiting for the restoration of their homes and families,» Moneyshot spokesman Anthony Lienen said.

Moneyshot’s website lists five areas of need: water, sewer, fire, waste water, waste treatment, and other. Of these, it says, «The biggest problems have arisen in one of the major public areas that serve the public-school system: the district’s main school in West Hills, and the one located adjacent to it, the West Hills Public School. The district currently has no funds in place to build enough water or sewer lines or to install all the necessary equipment to deal with flooding, stormwater and sewage discharge.»

To that end, Lienen said, the district is considering adding water and sewer upgrades to both the district and the West Hills campus. The district, however, can’t afford to provide that level of service to all schools — especially the one located in West Hills and across from the one on the eastern end of the city where most of the school district’s services are located.

As part of his budget request, Moneyshot is requesting the hiring of about 100 teachers to help run the district, which will cost about $1 million. «If바카라사이트 we can give 100 people [and teachers] 10 percent raises and take about 10 percent of their wages, it should increase the salary of the assistant superintendent,» said Moneyshot. And so far, he says, the district has a lot of employees willing to raise salaries — they’re hiring them because they’re happy.

The new superintendent has p우리카지노romised to hire some new teachers, Moneyshot said, «but we’ll have some who want the opportunity to live and work in other towns.»

Moneyshot said West Hills might be interested in providing so더킹카지노me of these opportunities — and even looking at moving the school downtown. But he said a lot of the teachers working in the district have no other way to go. «They cannot afford a place to call home, or in one of the other towns where there are lots of jobs, to have their children and grandkids attend the school in another school district, just to be a part of this community of students who are all about school,» said Moneyshot.